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The eWater Toolkit is a convenient and free 'one-stop shop' for water and catchment management tools backed by a potent community of practice

Now with more than 10,000 users in over 120 countries, the Toolkit is a web-based distribution point for hydrological, ecological and catchment management models, databases and other resources useful to all involved in land and water management or related areas of R&D.

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Water Quality Analyser is for water managers, scientists and engineers who need to monitor in-stream water quality, estimate pollutant loads, or set future water quality targets.

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CHUTE is a spreadsheet program for the design and analysis of rock chutes. Rock chutes can be employed in the restoration of rivers and channels to stabilise an erosion head or to reduce the overall grade of the channel.


RIPRAP is a spreadsheet program for the design of rock lining (rip-rap) bank protection. It provides a range of rock sizes to be used depending on bank angle and depth chosen.


WRAM (Water Re-Allocation Model) simulates water allocation and trading between irrigation areas. Based on an economic optimisation model, it determines optimal water allocation and reallocation in terms of crop planting decisions and irrigation water requirements and simulates trading of water entitlements between irrigation areas, and generates water accounts for economic impact analysis.

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