• 2014

    Wednesday 24 December 2014 eWater helping to build water management capability in Pakistan
    Integrated Water Resource Modelling Workshop – Lahore, Pakistan, 15-19 Dec 2014
    Friday 19 December 2014 eWater CRC Program Wins Award
    eWater is pleased to announce that its previous eWater Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Program is the winner of the 2014 AWA ACT Branch Award for Research Innovation.
    Friday 21 November 2014 Vale Professor John Briscoe
    30 July 1948 – 12 November 2014
    Friday 26 September 2014 eWater officially launches a free public version of Source
    eWater officially launches a free public version of Source at the 3rd annual Source conference held in Canberra, 18-19 September.
    Thursday 4 September 2014 Source 2014: 18–19 Sep, Canberra
    3rd Annual Workshop for Source – Australia's national hydrological modelling platform
    Thursday 17 July 2014 Source (public version) released
    New release of a FREE public version of Source, Australia's national hydrological modelling platform.
    Friday 4 July 2014 Career opportunities
    We're seeking rivers, catchments and entitlements modellers to join our team.
  • 2013

    Wednesday 20 November 2013 Latest version of MUSIC released
    Councils and developers creating water sensitive cities will value new technology, released today, which streamlines the modelling and approvals of urban stormwater systems, via MUSIC.
    Thursday 7 November 2013 National launch of MUSIC-link
    The steps from water sensitive stormwater design to evaluation against compliance criteria will be dramatically reduced through our new MUSIC-link tool. MUSIC-link is built into MUSIC v6, which is now available.
    Monday 1 July 2013 Improving Water Indian Context
    An interview with Dr Robert Carr, Deputy Chief Executive, eWater, published in EverythingAboutWater | July 2013 issue
    Wednesday 10 April 2013 Australia and India partner to manage water for scarcity
    India Water Week
    Friday 5 April 2013 Latest version of Source released
    The Source modelling platform is being adopted by key water management organisations in Australia and internationally to support planning and decision making for catchments and rivers. The latest version of this software platform provides significant new features and useability enhancements in line with user requirements.
    Tuesday 26 March 2013 National modelling platform key to Murray-Darling Basin Plan implementation
    The National Water Commission's first report on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan implementation, highlights the priority areas and outlines some of the initial steps toward achieving the Plan's objectives.
    Monday 25 February 2013 MDBA advises Basin states to adopt Source
    The MDBA's Advice to States on Basin Plan implementation includes "moving from numerous state-based hydrological models to the integrated eWater Source platform".
    Tuesday 12 February 2013 Radio NZ National interviews Prof Gary Jones
    Prof Gary Jones talks with Radio New Zealand National about water quality - the impact of urban wastewater and agricultural runoff on waterways.
    Tuesday 15 January 2013 eWater agreement with Thai University
    eWater's international work has now been formally extended to Thailand, with an international cooperation agreement for the advancement of water knowledge and education.
    Monday 14 January 2013 Sydney Catchment Authority releases new MUSIC modelling guide
    The Sydney Catchment Authority has published a new MUSIC modelling guide for those undertaking applications for land use developments.
  • 2012

    Tuesday 11 December 2012 Stormwater expert wins the Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation
    Congratulations to Professor Ana Deletic from the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, Monash University, on winning this year's Victoria Prize for physical sciences.
    Tuesday 6 November 2012 New training alliance: eWater-ICEWaRM
    eWater is proud to introduce the International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management (ICE WaRM) as our new training program partner.
    Friday 19 October 2012 New Australia-India partnership
    A new Australia-India partnership includes sharing of advanced Australian modelling work on river basin flows.
    Monday 27 August 2012 New paper: An integrated modelling framework for regulated river systems
    Abstract: Management of regulated water systems has become increasingly complex due to rapid socio-economic growth and environmental changes in river basins over recent decades. This paper introduces the Source Integrated Modelling System (IMS), and describes the individual modelling components and how they are integrated within it. It also describes the methods employed for tracking and assessment of uncertainties, as well as presenting outcomes of two case study applications.
    Thursday 26 July 2012 Government funding for Source as national platform
    eWater recently secured $7.8m in government funding (Federal and states) for the adoption of the Source hydrological modelling platform to aid water planning and management across Australia.
    Wednesday 20 June 2012 ABC interviews Professor Gary Jones
    eWater CEO Professor Gary Jones talks with the CRC Association's CEO, Professor Tony Peacock and 666 ABC radio presenter Alex Sloan about the achievements of eWater CRC and the CRCs for Catchment Hydrology and Freshwater Ecology before it.
    Tuesday 29 May 2012 Source launched
    eWater officially launched Source, Australia’s new river-basin and urban water modelling platform, this week at its Source 2012 conference in Canberra.
    Monday 20 February 2012 Call out for photos
    To celebrate 20 years of the Catchment Hydrology, Freshwater Ecology, and eWater CRCs we are collecting photos for a commemorative book. Send us your best CRC pics!
    Tuesday 14 February 2012 Eco Evidence available now
    eWater has released Eco Evidence, a free software tool to support evidence-based decision-making in environmental management.
  • 2011

    Wednesday 23 November 2011 Derwent Estuary Program Wins Award
    The first WSUD project completed under the Derwent Estuary Program (DEP) in Tasmania has won the ‘Tasmania WSUD’ award from the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.
    Wednesday 23 November 2011 CRC for Water Sensitive Cities confirmed
    The CRC for Water Sensitive Cities (The CRCWSC) has succeeded in its bid in the 14th Selection Round for Cooperative Research Centres
    Tuesday 1 November 2011 Stormwater Harvesting Project Royally Embraced
    Her Majesty The Queen opened South Bank Corporation’s innovative urban stormwater harvesting and reuse centre, Rain Bank, on Monday 24 October during her visit to Brisbane.
    Tuesday 27 September 2011 Water Quality Analyser launched at Riversymposium
    eWater officially launched Water Quality Analyser, a useful utility tool for water managers, scientists and engineers, at Riversymposium Brisbane this week.
    Monday 26 September 2011 eWater CRC Releases Water Quality Analyser
    eWater CRC has released Water Quality Analyser (WQA) – an integrated software tool for monitoring and analysing in-stream water quality.
    Monday 26 September 2011 Vale Richard Norris
    When Richard ‘Chuck’ Norris took on freshwater ecology, the scientific community gained a plenty. As a research scientist, consultant, lecturer, supervisor, as education leader for eWater CRC and head of the Institute of Applied Ecology, Richard’s track record included more than 30 years of research and consulting experience.
    Tuesday 6 September 2011 CRC for Water Sensitive Cities passes first hurdle
    eWater congratulates all those involved in the bid for the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities (The CRCWSC) for passing the first hurdle on the road to becoming a CRC.
    Wednesday 17 August 2011 UK launch for Australian stormwater tool thanks to Commercialisation Australia grant
    eWater Innovation, part of eWater CRC, has launched its popular Stormwater Quality Management tool, music, into the UK market.
    Thursday 4 August 2011 International issue of H2O Thinking out now
    Our latest international issue of H2O Thinking magazine, Volume 7 is now available in both hard copy and print editions.
    Tuesday 5 July 2011 Urban Developer available now!
    eWater's next generation software tool for urban water management, Urban Developer, is available for download now!
    Thursday 23 June 2011 South Bank Corporation wins eWater Healthy Waterways Award
    eWater CRC congratulates South Bank Corporation for winning the 2011 Healthy Waterways Award for WSUD
    Thursday 9 June 2011 Urban Developer in LGMA
    Urban Developer has been featured in the April/May 2011 edition of LGM (the magazine of Local Government Managers Australia, the magazine of Local Government Managers Australia.
    Thursday 9 June 2011 Urban Developer in Council Leader
    An Urban Developer case study on Caloundra Downs featured in Council Leader magazine.
    Tuesday 24 May 2011 eWater makes Artemis Top 50
    eWater CRC has made the Artemis Top 50 for the second year in a row, this time for music, our urban stormwater quality improvement tool.
    Tuesday 22 March 2011 Queensland awards now open to honour champions of waterway health
    eWater is sponsoring the annual Healthy Waterways Awards, which are now open for entries.
    Friday 25 February 2011 Urban Developer Beta now available
    eWater CRC has released the Urban Developer Beta, a new tool to support Integrated Urban Water Management.
    Thursday 27 January 2011 music featured in Success Through Innovation
    music has been featured in the Summer 2010 edition of Success Through Innovation, the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research's quarterly magazine.
  • 2010

    Tuesday 30 November 2010 Beta release of Source for managing rivers
    November 2010 - The beta version of Source has been released by eWater CRC. Now being tested by partnering jurisdictions, eWater Source is designed to assist water-managers balance escalating needs for water by food producers, urban populations, and the environment.
    Friday 5 November 2010 Source Catchments training launched
    eWater is pleased to announce the first round of face-to-face training for our landmark product Source Catchments, to be held in Brisbane in November.
    Monday 1 November 2010 music highlighted
    October issue of Engineering Australia looks at how music is helping with stormwater harvesting at Orange City Council.
    Wednesday 27 October 2010 Catchment challenge: managers have to balance priorities
    The Catchment Challenge highlighted the need for models that are robust, scientifically valid and can justify decisions to policy makers and the community.
    Wednesday 20 October 2010 Source of satisfaction
    Dr Phillip Jordan talks about his journey with Source Catchments.
    Wednesday 20 October 2010 Source Catchments: The Results Are In
    Natural resource managers addressing complex water quantity and quality issues at key sites throughout Australia have been road-testing eWater’s integrated water modelling system, Source. To coincide with the official launch of Source Catchments, the first component to be publicly released, some of those managers addressed RiverSymposium to highlight the benefits of the product.
    Wednesday 22 September 2010 Source Catchments in Water Engineering Australia
    September issue of Water Engineering Australia
    Tuesday 24 August 2010 H2O Thinking online
    The first online edition of H20 Thinking magazine is available, allowing up-to-the minute news, additional content, video and audio features, as well as helping eWater cut down on the environmental impacts associated with hard copy distribution.
    Wednesday 14 July 2010 music featured in Government News magazine
    Government News highlights the value of music.
    Wednesday 14 July 2010 music profiled in Local Government Managers Australia LGM magazine
    eWater CRC Product Development Manager Ralph Ogden highlights the importance of biofiltration
    Wednesday 14 July 2010 music v4 profiled in Sustainability Matters magazine
    A case study highlighting music in action at Maroochydore appeared in the June/July issue of Sustainability Matters magazine.
    Wednesday 14 July 2010 music v4 profiled in Council Leader magazine
    music v4: profiled in the June/July 2010 issue of Council Leader magazine.
    Wednesday 14 April 2010 ABC interviews Prof. Gary Jones
    ABC Rural Reporter, Mary Goode, talks to Professor Gary Jones about his views on the Productivity Commission's report on saving water in the Murray-Darling Basin.
    Friday 9 April 2010 eWater Toolkit - Success Through Innovation
    eWater Tookit is featured in CRCs' Success Through Innovation publication.
  • 2009

    Wednesday 2 December 2009 Annual reports 2008-2009 now available
    The Annual Review of eWater activities and the financial statement for 2008-2009 are now available via the Publications page on this website.
    Thursday 12 November 2009 Melbourne launch: music v4 and Biofiltration Guidelines
    music v4 and the FAWB 'Stormwater Biofiltration Guidelines’ are being launched in Melbourne on Tuesday 17 November, 4-6.30 pm.
    Wednesday 4 November 2009 Nowra school wins eWater's national water-management game competition
    On Wednesday 4 November 2009, the Illaroo Road Public School in North Nowra, NSW celebrated winning $1000 in eWater CRC’s national Catchment Detox Competition.
    Wednesday 4 November 2009 eWater a part of new Australian collaboration to build water expertise in the Asia-Pacific
    Today, eWater CRC is joining with 16 other water management-focused organisations in Australia launching the first and only Australian-hosted Knowledge Hub for Healthy Rivers and Aquatic Ecosystems.
    Wednesday 14 October 2009 Version 4 of 'music' - eWater's stormwater planning model
    eWater has just released a significant upgrade to music - our well-known ‘Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation’.
    Monday 12 October 2009 Dr Nick Bond wins ASL 2009 award
    Congratulations to Dr Nick Bond, of Monash University, Melbourne, who has won this year's Early Career Excellence Award at the ASL Congress.
    Wednesday 16 September 2009 eWater Feature Session, Tuesday 22 September, 12th International Riversymposium,
    eWater is presenting a feature session at this year's Riversymposium at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, 22 September, 4-5.30 pm, about our work with our many industry partners.
    Thursday 6 August 2009 Emerging practice in active environmental water management: report
    A workshop, 'Emerging practice in active environmental water management', for active environmental water managers, was convened by eWater and the National Water Commission in February. The report is now available.
    Thursday 23 July 2009 Catchment Detox competition for schools. $1000 prize.
    Teachers - Could your class manage a river catchment so that it is healthy? Find out by playing the Catchment Detox game! Your class could win $1000 for your school.
    Friday 3 July 2009 Integrated water management put to the test in ACT
    The use of integrated urban water management as a potential means for achieving sustainable water supply management is being tested in a national trial underway in the Australian Capital Territory.
    Tuesday 9 June 2009 eWater tools showcase, 17 June
    'Exploring Integrated Water Management in the ACT: an application of decision-science, eWater software, and ecological research' - a talk by members of the eWater project team.
    Monday 30 March 2009 Media release: National Accord on Water Use
    Stop the Bickering: Leading Scientist Calls for a National Water Accord.
    Tuesday 17 March 2009 ‘Catchment Detox’ online game wins prestigious AIMIA Award
    ‘Catchment Detox’, the game on the ABC Science website, which challenges you to manage a water-catchment, has won the ‘Best Science, Health or Environment’ category at the 15th AIMIA Awards.
    Tuesday 17 March 2009 Launch of the Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust
    On the first anniversary of the death of Professor Peter Cullen, the Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust has been launched in his memory.
    Tuesday 24 February 2009 eWater Chairman’s Award for 2009 to David Waters
    David Waters, a staff member of Queensland Natural Resources & Water, was awarded the prestigious eWater CRC Chairman’s Award for 2009 at the annual staff conference last week.
    Tuesday 24 February 2009 Four prestigious awards at eWater CRC’s 2009 staff conference
    Inaugural awards for ‘Student of the Year’, ‘Best Published Paper’, and ‘Team of the Year’ were presented last week at the eWater CRC annual staff conference.
  • 2008

    Tuesday 9 December 2008 Annual report 2007-2008 now available
    eWater's annual report for 2007-2008 is now available. Printed copies are being mailed out, but if you don't receive one and would like to, please contact
    Tuesday 9 December 2008 eWater Innovation Pty Ltd now being established
    Thursday 9 October 2008 MEDIA RELEASE: eWater vital to MDB plan
    eWater CRC, developers of the next generation of water management technologies, are set to receive $6 million in funding from the Federal Government today.
    Friday 15 August 2008 Manage a water catchment (via a game)!
    eWater CRC has developed part of its catchment management software into a challenging online game.
    Friday 1 August 2008 July issue of eWater Research Highlights
    The July issue of eWater Research Highlights (no.8), the series which introduces eWater CRC's science, outlines (i) a next-generation irrigation model, and (ii) software aspects of modelling uncertainty.
    Friday 30 May 2008 May issue of eWater Research Highlights
    In May's eWater Research Highlights, available here, read about rainwater tank simulation modelling, and a model for standard interfaces for water-resources observations and data.
    Wednesday 26 March 2008 Media release: Leading water expert hails historic deal for Murray-Darling Basin
    Leading Australian water expert Professor Gary Jones, CEO of eWater CRC, has welcomed today’s agreement on the Murray-Darling Basin that will enable much-needed water to be directed to the environment.
    Wednesday 26 March 2008 March issue of Research Highlights
    This latest issue of eWater Research Highlights outlines our work in forecasting streamflow in catchments, and the project that ensures our research feeds into product development.
    Tuesday 25 March 2008 Media release: Water quality risks with climate change
    Toxic algal blooms, fish kills, wetland acidity and salinity are all water quality threats posed by climate change, according to Professor Gary Jones.
    Friday 14 March 2008 Death of Peter Cullen AO
    The Board and staff of eWater Cooperative Research Centre wish to express their deep sense of loss at the death of Professor Peter Cullen AO.
    Wednesday 27 February 2008 Media release: Decision-time ahead for Wong's environmental water purchases
    "Today’s announcement that the Commonwealth will enter the water market to buy water entitlements from willing irrigators is a positive step forward for the environment", says Professor Gary Jones.
    Tuesday 26 February 2008 eWater Chairman's Award 2008 to Robert Argent
    Dr Robert Argent, a key figure in eWater CRC, was awarded the inaugural eWater CRC Chairman’s Award at the annual staff conference last week.
    Friday 22 February 2008 Media release - Floodwaters not wasted
    Floods may be bad news for people living on floodplains, but in rivers and coastal fisheries they are essential natural events that boost populations of our favourite fish and seafood.
    Wednesday 6 February 2008 Latest Research Highlights flier now available
    This issue outlines (i) a new software tool, ‘MCAT’, for decision-making using multiple criteria analysis, and also (ii) research applying optimisation to help in river restoration planning.
  • 2007

    Thursday 20 December 2007 Latest eWater Research Highlights
    This third issue consists of two summaries about (i) how stakeholders relate to water issues, science and managers, and (ii) predicting the interactions between rivers and groundwater pumping.
    Thursday 15 November 2007 New Drought Website
    The new drought website is now live.
    Tuesday 30 October 2007 eWater Research Highlights Second Series
    We are pleased to send you the second issue of our new series of e-fliers, called 'eWater Research Highlights'. Each issue consists of a set of 1-page summaries of research.
    Sunday 30 September 2007 eWater Research Highlights - new series
    We are pleased to announce the first issue of a new series of e-fliers, called 'eWater Research Highlights'. Each issue consists of a set of 1-page summaries of research.
    Thursday 6 September 2007 eWater CRC ecologist wins Riversymposium Young Water Scientist Award for 2007
    A new way of prioritising freshwater rivers for restoration and conservation has won Simon Linke, a Queensland-based researcher with eWater CRC, the Riversymposium Young Water Scientist Award for 2007.
    Friday 31 August 2007 eWater postgraduate top-up scholarships
    eWater CRC is offering postgraduate top-up scholarships at partner universities for PhD candidates starting their full-time research program in 2008.
    Friday 20 July 2007 Public address in South Australia by Professor Gary Jones
    On 18 July Professor Gary Jones presented a talk on the research and tool development being carried out by eWater CRC.
    Wednesday 4 July 2007 Framework for assessing river and wetland health
    Four reports, just released, about assessing Australian river and wetland health are downloadable here. They are part of Australian Water Resources 2005 (AWR 2005) stage 2.
    Monday 18 June 2007 Wentworth Group Science Program Scholarship to Amber Clarke
    Congratulations to eWater and Monash University PhD student Amber Clarke.
    Monday 18 June 2007 National water commission funding
    Nearly $2 million in extra funding for water-management tools being built by eWater Cooperative Research Centre has been announced by the Minister for Environment and Water Resources, the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP.
    Monday 18 June 2007 eWater and sewage recycling in the public eye
    The CRC is heavily involved in a proposal to recycle highly treated sewage effluent back into Canberra’s drinking water storage, Cotter Reservoir.
    Monday 18 June 2007 Fishing in the desert not as silly as it sounds
    Griffith University PhD student and eWater top-up recipient Adam Kerezsy couldn’t believe his luck when a big flood occurred in far western Queensland in summer, especially given that his topic is the recruitment and persistence of fish in the Queensland Lake Eyre Basin.
    Wednesday 11 April 2007 Afforestation report released
    The report 'Afforestation in a catchment context: Understanding the impacts on water yield and salinity' is now available as a downloadable pdf file or as hard copy.
    Wednesday 4 April 2007 eWater staff on PMSEIC
    The Prime Minister's Science, Engineering and Innovation Council (PMSEIC) working group looking at Water for Our Cities has two members who are also part of eWater.
    Tuesday 27 March 2007 Ecological Response Modelling (ERM) Application Project
    The ERM Application project officially kicked off on 5 - 8 March 2007.
    Friday 2 February 2007 2007 archive New water plan and its significance for eWater
    The Prime Minister's 'National Plan for Water Security' (see below) released last Thursday provides further impetus for eWater's development of new generation water planning and forecasting tools for Australia.
  • 2006

    Saturday 14 October 2006 Environmental flows internationally
    Angela Arthington attended the third annual meeting of the freshwater BIODIVERSITY Scientific Steering Committee and Cross-cutting Network held in Paris, 13 - 15 June 2006. The meeting discussed on-going and future activities.
    Tuesday 2 May 2006 Korean water partners drop in at new CRC
    eWater CRC welcomed Dr Ick Hwan Ko and Dr Jeongkon Kim of 'K water', the Korea Water Resource Corporation (one of eWater CRC's partner organisations), to the Centre office during the first week of May, to work on the details of a joint project.
    Saturday 1 April 2006 MDBC Youth River Health Conference
    Gary Jones, Wendy Craik (CEO of the Murray-Darling Basin Commission) and Sarah Ryan (CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country) formed an expert panel at the Canberra MDBC Youth River Health Conference on 5 June.